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   In daily life of big cities, estates, villages and small centers, a key role plays appropriate marking of significant objects, streets, roads etc. Moreover, it is very important to label the water and gas supplies systems correctly, because they have huge influence on fast troubleshooting and also they can simplify a regular maintenance.

firma poltex


We need to realize that underestimation of the right marking (eg. hydrants or valves) is potentially
dangerous, significantly impedes work of life-saving services, for whom the time is the most important factor.
In consequences, bad marking or lack of marking
can lead to the tragedy. Hence, persons involved in a proper marking face a large responsibility.

Our company is pleased to offer you Polish product: orientation signs to help you mark out
reinforcement of a water supply system (according to the standard PN-86/B-09700) and a gas supply system
(according to standard ZN-G-3004). Orientation signs meet the requirements covered by the standards,
regarding content, material, realization and their completion.

In order to increase the choice available for our customers
- we produce signs with variety of materials.

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OIL AND GAS INSTITUTE – Technical opinion.

poltex certfikaty

CERTIFICATE of the membership - Gas Chamber of Commerce
poltex certfikaty

CERTIFICATE of the Foundation for Children "Help on Time"

poltex certfikaty

CERTIFICATE of the "National Leaders of Innovation and Development"